Having A Rug In Your Home Is Important – Here’s Why

Rugs have always been a key part of every home’s décor, but why are they necessary? From helping to build a room’s color palette to keeping people safe from unexpected slips, rugs truly have many important uses. Having a rug in your home is important – Here’s why

Rugs take your Décor to the Next Level

When you’re choosing the right rug for your home, you’re most likely looking for the best way to enhance the décor in the room. But where do you start?  There are so many colors, materials, shapes and designs to choose from.  How do you choose the best rug for your place? First, think of the vibe you want for your room, or already have in place, and decide on anything from bold or bright colored rugs to make a statement or find neutral or traditional rugs to compliment the room. You could also play around with contrast by putting a dark rug on a light floor or vice versa. This can help add one more thoughtful detail to your space that everyone will notice!

Make Guests Feel at Home

Putting a small rug at the door with a positive greeting or placing a plush rug in the living room to invite guests to sit or relax on top is a great way to subtly welcome friends or family to feel comfortable in your home. Plus, it keeps your space looking clean and put together by covering imperfections in wood or pesky stains or marks. They are also very easy to clean and remove dust, as they’re made with simple fibers. You can choose to either run a vacuum over them or take the rugs outside and beat them to have them looking fresh and new.

Stay Healthy at Home

Rugs can be really helpful for anyone who has allergies and can act as the biggest air filter in the home. Many studies suggest that they help people who suffer with the symptoms of allergies because they trap allergens like dust, pollen and other particles, keeping them from the air.

Tie Your Room Together

An area rug is the perfect finishing touch for any room. In fact, if you decorate a space starting with the rug, it can help you to build a great and consistent color palette that directs the aesthetic of the room as a whole. They can also help to separate rooms that don’t have a defining wall or add a visual layer that makes it easy to turn a space from dreary to warm and colorful.

Keep Things Safe

Having rugs in your home can lower the risk of slips and slides, which saves you from a possible trip to the doctor’s office. This is especially important for anyone who has small children living with them. One room of the house that definitely needs a rug to prevent falls? The bathroom. Make sure to get a small one, as water tends to cause unexpected accidents.

Be Nice to Neighbors

If you live in an apartment or condo, adding a simple rug to your hardwood floors can help keep annoying and unnecessary noises to a minimum. Trust us, your downstairs neighbors will owe you one. Plus, they can help reduce echoes in your space—so it’s a total win-win.

Now you know why having a rug in your home is important. So all that’s left to do is choose your favorite. Discover why Nube Decor is the best for quality, stylish rugs and home decor. Shop Now