How to Spruce up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

How to Spruce up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Making your home look tidy and elegant doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are plenty of design hacks that can transform your home without requiring you to dig into your savings. If you’re looking to upgrade their home’s interior on a budget, follow Nube Décor’s guide on how to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

Creatively Cover Your Walls

One way to make any room’s appearance change is to mix up the wall décor. From tastefully framed family photos to frameless wall art, there are lots of decorating routes you can take when it comes to walls. Adding items to your walls can help tie the room together, contribute to the room’s color palette and depth, and offer intriguing textures.

Incorporate Unique Textures

Incorporating texture around your home can significantly elevate its look. One way to spruce up your home without breaking the bank is to upgrade your chairs’ fabrics. Suede, silk, and wool all make lavish upholstery fabric options to give your space a luxurious appeal.

If your upholstery doesn’t need an upgrade, there are still tons of opportunities to add texture to a room. Instead of changing the fabric, you can give a furniture piece a polished look with a chinchilla faux fur throw blanket and some charming shaggy pillows.

Enlist an Accent Table

Fill any awkward or small gaps in your rooms with an end table. Not only do end tables do a wonderful job at making any room feel complete, but they also make a great substitute for coffee tables when you don’t have much space available. You can also use them to showcase captivating fine art pieces.

Employ the Large Mirror Trick

Using mirrors is the ultimate design hack. By hanging a few decorative mirrors, you can make any room feel a lot larger than it is. Since they reflect light, large mirrors can also brighten up a space, making it appear elegant and inviting.

Nube Décor specializes in home décor items that elevate your living spaces for an affordable price. With a wide variety of rugs, a vast collection of engaging wall art, and everything in between, we have all you need to achieve your interior design goals.