6 Decor Tips to Make Your Home a Relaxing Retreat

Whether you just moved into a new home or have been living in your place for a while, simple home decor updates can turn a new house into a home or refresh a tired space. Learn how, with these 6 decor tips to make your home a relaxing retreat.

Work with What You Have

You might be tempted to buy all new furniture and home decor when decorating a new home or re-decorating an outdated room. While that can be fun, not to mention expensive, it can be an overwhelming task. In fact most interior designers suggest simple decor tips, such as evaluating  your current furniture and home decor and keep only key pieces.  Other simple decor tips like moving furniture from one room to another and adding a few new home accessories can make all the difference. Try adding a new rug and accent pillows in a new color to your existing furniture for a different look.

Go with a Contrasted Look

Did you know that your furniture does not have to match?  In fact, this is the number one secret of top designers. So go ahead and mix it up with unexpected fabrics, textures, and designs. Add quirky furniture pieces and try different color palettes, and use hues for pillows and home decor that are the exact opposite on the color wheel, compared to your paint.  Whatever look you choose for your home, remember to infuse it with your own personality.

Let There Be Light

This is an absolute no-brainer. If there is no light shining through, your decor, however good, will not be visibly appealing. Make way for natural light to enter and if it is not possible, arrange for plenty of lighting. To make your home more inviting, set up mood lighting, chandeliers, table lamps and dimmers in specific spots. For the bedroom, you will need adequate light for your reading time. For foyer, balcony, and bathrooms, you can also install sconce lights on the wall to add dramatic effect.

Use Compartmentalized Shelves

Go for a shelving system with compartmentalized storage. This helps you tidy up and keep your things in an organized manner. They also look sleek with clean lines as opposed to overflowing and cluttered look. For kitchen and pantry, try to stay away from glass-fronted cabinets, as you will spend more time cleaning the grease off them.

Also, if there is an unused space or a recessed portion on the wall, use it to build an extra cabinet to store your tiny trinkets. You can do this for the corners of your kitchen walls, where there is no need for insulation. But make sure you are not disturbing any plumbing or electrical interference.

Make Room For A Centerpiece

One of the best decor tips to make your home a relaxing retreat is to declutter your space. Start with one room at a time and remove all clutter, leaving just your statement pieces.  Choose a focal point of the room like a fireplace, or an accent wall and add a home accessories to dress it up. If you don’t have a focal point, create one by adding an area rug  to define a space and build your look from there. Transform an ottoman with a large tray into a multipurpose coffee table. Add mirrors on the opposite walls to give the room a wider feel and use scone lights above the mirrors.

Try going for a functional, but minimal look. Create wall features with a splash of color and add wow factor to the room. Display your travel photos or your achievements on the wall. One of the most budget-friendly ways to make a stunning impact is to hang your own artwork.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Retreat

It’s your home and you make the rules. Your home should reflect your personal style. And what better place to start than the bedroom to relax after a long day! Make your bed feel luxurious and comfortable by using crisp and fresh linens and plush throw pillows.  Don’t forget about the powerful role of scents in creating a relaxing retreat. Take full advantage of scented soy candles, eucalyptus bar soaps, and essential oils. You can create an instagram worthy bedroom with plush area rugs to define the space, inviting bed linens and complimentary accent pillows. There is no limit to creating a relaxing retreat, especially when it comes to your private space.

These simple decor updates can turn a new house into a home or refresh a tired space. Use these 6 decor tips to make your home a relaxing retreat. Discover why Nube Decor is the best for quality, stylish rugs, pillows and home decor. Shop Now