How To Choose & Arrange The Best Throw Pillows

Choosing the right decorative pillows can be a key factor in creating the room of your dreams with beautiful, thoughtful décor. In fact, simple home decor updates can turn a new house into a home or refresh a tired space.  Accent pillows can be the best home accessories to add to a room when decorating. They’re not only comfortable, but they add color, texture and dimension to any space. A few things to keep in mind when shopping for throw pillows are the right sizes, proper inserts and the best  arrangement. Using these quick, simple tips, to learn how to choose and arrange the best throw pillows.

Choose The Right Pillow Inserts

This often-overlooked aspect of choosing the right pillows is key. Where to start? Always choose pillow inserts that are 2″ larger than the size of your pillow covers. Why? The larger insert size will keep your pillows from looking slouchy and boring. They will make them plump up and look way more expensive than they may have been!

When looking at materials, keep in mind that not all of them are the same. Polyester inserts are good for keeping pillows looking pretty. They keep them both full and upright. But, when you need your pillows to do more than just look nice, you’ll need some a little nicer than this material. For most of your throw pillows on popular sitting areas in your home, you’ll want to choose plush feather or down inserts.

Pay Attention To How You Arrange Your Pillows

When you have several pillows on a bed or couch, make sure to use a layering method to arrange them correctly. This involves using different pillow sizes to create the best look. Also, feel free to throw in different shapes and textures that fall within the same families to create a look that’s balanced and unified with the perfect amount of variety to spice things up a bit.

Try starting from the outside and work your way in towards the middle when you are placing the pillows. Place the largest ones on the outside and make them smaller as they head towards the center. This has an aesthetic purpose but also a functional purpose, as they’re better for seating. Many designers will often recommend placing your pillows in odd numbers, but it’s not wrong if you’d prefer an even amount of pillows on any seat or sofa.

Store Pillows Properly When You’re Not Using Them

Many people switch out their pillow covers depending on season or mood. When you change your cover and put it into storage, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps that keep them in good condition. Start with good storage techniques, and it will be easy to change up the covers whenever you need to freshen up your room. It’s a smart tip to keep your covers together and organized by shape, size and season. Simply label your storage containers and you’ll have no problem pulling and putting away the ones you want.

The best part of arranging throw pillows? They’re one of the easiest things in your décor to experiment with. If you don’t love what you did with your pillows simply find a creative new way to place them or switch out inserts or covers. Add more, take some away or put them in a new area. We know that shopping here is the best place to start looking for your new favorite throw pillows. Search our selection to find the most beautiful, comfortable and stylish choices for your home.